High Quality Drying Treatment Equipment | Filter Press- Yuan Chang
General Wastewater Treating Flowchart for Reference
Auto Bar Screen
Solid-Liquid Separating Machine
The Oil-Water Separating Machine
Desander / Sand-water Separator
High Efficiency Dissolved Air Floatation System
Powder Automatic Dispensing Dissolver
Slurry Thickener
Rotary drum thickening / Belt Press
Triple-belt type Belt Press
Membrane Plate Type with 2nd Squeezing Filter Press
Multi-ring Screw Press Sludge Dehydrating Equipment
Solid / Liquid Separating Screw Press
(Special for livestock manures treatment)
Screw Press
Drying Treatment Equipment
(Low temperature dehumidification type)
Filtering Equipment
The Small Sewage Treating System
Sewage Treating Equipment for Waste Plastic Washing Line (Packaged Type)
Processing Equipment from Kitchen Waste into Organic Fertilizer
Microalgae / Green Algae Harvesting Machine (Multilayer Filtering Type)
All Kinds of Filter Plates, Filter Cloth and Belts’ Manufacturing (Customized Products)
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