Yuan Chang Tsay Industry Co., Ltd. - Filter Press, Belt Press, Belt Filter Press, Drum Filter, Sludge Dryer, Slurry Thickener, Separating Machine, filter press plates, waste water treatment, Oil-Water Separating Machine, Solid-Liquid Separating Machine, water treatment equipment, plate and frame filter press
All Kinds of Filter Plates, Filter Cloth and Belts’Manufacturing
(Customized Products)
*Filter belt is Polyester material with nice permeability and resistance to chemicals, long life span when using normally.
*Chamber plates & membrane type two time filter press plates are integrally molded by P.P. engineering plastics, light weight, chemical resistance, high filtration speed, good sealing, durable without deformation, long service life.
*Filter cloth mainly used P.P. materal, a variety of materials and densities to match a variety of sludge properties.
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